1. True or False: If you experience no issues with feed stability and bunk life, you don’t need to use inoculants.
2. Which of the variables below are known to kill inoculants?
3. Scenario 1:  You have a bunker or pile silo with a wide face, which results in a slow feed out rate.

Which inoculant will both control the ensiling fermentation and give maximum aerobic stability to minimize spoilage losses?
4. Scenario 2:  After harvesting your first cut alfalfa for haylage, you realize that the dry matter (DM) level is well below your normal target and is testing at 26-30% DM.This can create a favorable environment for clostridia to grow, produce butyric acid and excessively degrade proteins.

Which inoculant will help you drop pH fast and discourage clostridia growth?
5. Scenario 3:  It has been an especially hot summer, which is causing your silage to spoil rapidly.

Which inoculant contains a high dose rate bacterium that has been reviewed by the FDA to prevent heating and spoilage and so help defeat this challenge?

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